The scariest yet bravest step we can take is reaching out for help.

We often worry if we will be understood, if our concerns are valid, if we are not overreacting, if things are not as bad as we think and its okay to have all these questions. In counselling ALL concerns are valid. Your voice matters and you deserve a space where you can feel heard and seen.

Counselling is a process of assisting and providing guidance which is characterized by non-judgmental support that offers you a safe space to share your experiences and concerns, enabling you to learn about yourself for better coping and personal development. The counselling experience is different for everyone, we understand this and that is why our services are tailored to your needs.

Our services are both available in person and online through video conferencing.


Types Of Counselling We Offer:

Individual Counselling

Group Counselling 

Relationship Counselling

Grief/Bereavement  Counselling

Trauma Counselling and Debriefing

Mental Health Support and Psychoeducation ( Stress, Depression, Anxiety etc)