Children will learn to speak to themselves the way we speak to them. If your messages communicate that they “Cannot do it, are not doing it right, not smart enough, not good enough”, that is exactly how they are going to talk to themselves; they will think:

  • It is too hard without trying
  • Give up after a few attempts
  • Always doubt their potential

Make sure your words are positive “Let’s give it a try, Let’s see how many other ways are there for us to do this, Your smart is enough (good job), You are rnough (That was a great attempt).  Your words will echo in your child’s mind all the way into adulthood and if they are not positive or encouraging, we will have more adults with low self-esteem, afraid to leave their comfort zones, feeling unworthy of love, constantly sekking validation, doubting their potential no matter how many things they get right.