A variety of programs aimed at assessing and improving academic performance from children in grade R to students in an institution of higher learning.


Aptitude for School Beginners assessment

A psychological test administered to children in Grade R before entering the formal learning education system, this test assesses a child’s whole readiness to learn and progress in school, it indicates any developmental delays that might affect a child’s ability and through the results; recommendations are made which offer a child the support they need to cope with the demands of learning.

From The ground Up Tutorials

Tutorial classes that cater for children in Grade R РGrade 6 with a focus on English and Mathematics. These classes are for children with learning difficulties and aim to build educational foundation which would enable children to progress in schools. Some of the areas focused on include  vocabulary, reading, comprehension, basic arithmetic and social skills. A great part of the program is building self-esteem because a lot of children with learning difficulties struggle with performance anxiety, therefore through a nurturing, patient, encouraging and validating environment, children are able to improve their confidence which ultimately improves their scholastic performance.

Study Skills and Habits Assessment

Assessment for children from Grade 7, which assesses learners’ studying habits, methods of study and their motivation. Results are linked to how a learner is currently performing at school and these two factors are used to make recommendations that would offer support to improve scholastic performance. Areas covered include stress management, exam anxiety management and time management.